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Leadership Development

Grow effective leaders throughout your organization, leaders who will:

  • Communicate a wide-angle vision with maximum appeal
  • Inspire action among all types of followers
  • Make effective decisions because they see all sides of issues

The Develop 360° Leaders course goes far beyond merely providing leaders with 360° feedback. It develops breadth of vision and behavioral versatility so leaders can provide direction to a wider range of followers and implement plans that won't run into problems due to missing information. Participants learn how to:

  • Direct and inspire in ways that tap into the rich variety of their followers' values and goals.
  • Plan and implement in ways that factor in the widest possible range of external conditions, organizational factors, and personnel resources.

Build Teams that Work

  • Create a climate of trust
  • Resolve ongoing conflicts and unproductive disagreements
  • Fill in group blind spots
  • Stimulate the open flow of information

The Build Teams that Work workshop utilizes the LIFO® Method to help teams set priorities and maximize the contributions of all team members. It encourages real problem-solving and real teamwork without creating hassles, hard feelings, or harsh confrontation. It creates long-lasting results by enabling participants to:

  • See situations from multiple points of view
  • Take advantage of diversity, rather than resist it

Make Communication Pay Off

  • Stop wasting time because of misunderstandings
  • Avoid errors due to faulty or incomplete information
  • Make sure others get your message

The Bridge the Communication Gap course enables people to get through to others more easily, obtain agreement with less effort, and get things moving quickly. Participants learn how to:

  • Recognize other people's most preferred channels of communication
  • Translate their messages so they answer the key questions uppermost in other people's minds.

Break the Performance Barrier

LIFO® Productivity Skills help you:

  • Recognize other people's most preferred channels of communication
  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Consistently produce your very best work
  • Manage a wider range of situations more effectively
  • Avoid wasting time in personal productivity traps
  • Fill in your blind spots for better plans and decisions

The Break the Performance Barrier with LIFO® Productivity Skills course empowers people at all organizational levels to consistently produce their very best work. Participants learn practical skills for managing their performance that really make a difference. They learn how to:
  • Eliminate time-wasting work habits by learning how to set priorities, set limits, get focused, and get going.
  • Develop a 360° perspective while gathering information, for more effective planning and problem-solving.
  • Accomplish tasks more quickly and completely, by utilizing a wider range of talents and strengths.
  • Work with greater enthusiasm and mutual regard to accomplish shared goals.

Coach Breakthrough Performance

The Performance Coaching Training program will enable you to:

  • Quickly diagnose developmental needs
  • Cut through resistance to change
  • Develop easy-to-implement improvement plans
  • Deliver in Person or by Guided Self-Study

The skills and understanding you will develop in our Performance Coaching Training Program will enable you to identify core performance issues, set goals for change, and effectively monitor progress. You will be able to provide valuable advice about how to handle challenging situations as well as difficult relationships.

Are you aware of your special approach to leading others? And are you aware of alternative approaches that could be even more effective in certain situations? To determine the approaches that you are most comfortable with — and those that you need to master to become even more effective.

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