Why LIFO® is Effective & Unique

LIFO® effectiveness is due to a number of unique factors:

  • It is not a test and there are no right or wrong answers, just a recognition of why people approach tasks and people in different ways
  • The feedback you receive is all about you (not you compared to a statistical average person), and is powerful whilst being straightforward
  • The feedback is accurate because the survey requires you to identify what you actually do, not what you would like to do or think others want you to do
  • The issues that arise from the feedback are relevant and practical, and give a robust basis for choosing new improvement strategies quickly
  • It is a facilitator of personal exploration rather than a cold diagnostic tool that forces people into a narrow stereotype
  • The LIFO® Method helps people identify their strengths in relation to when things are going well and also when they are faced with opposition, stress or conflict
  • LIFO® can identify when someone is overdoing their strengths and as a result not getting the results they envisaged
  • It is a dynamic measure, which means that it can be used time and again to check on personal development

How is the LIFO® Method different?

The LIFO® Method has so many advantages over other behavioural instruments:

  • It does not suggest in any way, shape or form that there is only one good style of working and behaving
  • The results of the survey are only the beginning – not the end of the process as with many other diagnostic tools
  • No-one is forced into a narrow stereotype or measured against pre-chosen criteria
  • The survey also reflects the differences between someone's intentions, their actual behaviour and how they believe they come across to others
  • The LIFO® Method emphasises the strategies that can give each person the edge – it does not just hold up a mirror, but also suggests practical strategies to improve performance
  • LIFO® is values-based and so goes to the heart of motivation and what makes someone tick
  • It explains how someone operates in normal and stressful circumstances
  • The Method can help tease out where communication is going wrong and offers solutions
  • It celebrates strengths and throws light on why excessive use of those strengths doesn't deliver intended outcomes

There is no "black box" interpretation – anyone completing a LIFO® survey is shown how it works and what it means.

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