1. What is a Personal Style Survey? How does it work?

    The standardised Personal Style Survey used by LIFO® trainers is a quick, straightforward way of finding out each person's preferred way of doing things. It is a survey, not a test - so there are no 'right' or 'wrong' answers. The feedback after you complete the Survey is completely non-judgmental. It simply highlights how each individual behaves, both in normal circumstances and when under stress.

    The feedback that you receive will classify your behaviour as falling mainly into one or two of four basic orientations or styles.

  2. How do I know that the results of my LIFO® Personal Style Surveys are accurate?

    You will recognise your behaviour very strongly in the feedback!

    The Personal Style Survey is constructed as a "forced choice ranking" of four different endings to each statement. The process of forcing the person completing the survey to choose between 4 behaviours quickly is designed to access the individual's sub-conscious self-understanding and to bring it into conscious understanding through feedback and discussion of the survey results.

    Because the process is non-threatening it is possible to openly discuss and confirm the survey findings with the client - "Does this feel or sound accurate to them?" The licensee can encourage them to discuss and validate the findings with friends and colleagues. It is important to ensure that they choose someone who they trust to know them and to have a constructive opinion to offer. If necessary, they should be allowed to modify the findings to create a "best fit" profile of their behaviour.

    However, some aspects of traditional reliability and validity measures are helpful.

  3. How can the results of a Personal Style Survey lead me to improve my teamworking, management skills and so on?

    The feedback will give you unique insights into how you behave under different circumstances. Guided by a LIFO® trainer, you can explore how to make more of your strengths, recognise what prevents you from achieving more highly and minimise ineffective behaviour. The feedback also points you towards ways of getting on better with other people; and how to make the most of their strengths.

    You will find that the feedback can have a powerful effect on you. Imagine how it could work if your entire team completed the survey. Because the feedback is completely objective, people feel comfortable discussing the survey findings and their implications and developing positive ways to respond to each others' strengths, supported at every step by LIFO® consultants.

  4. Is LIFO® applicable to everyday life, outside work?

    Most definitely! LIFO® has lots of ideas for using the method to make daily life smoother by communicating better. It can also help you to deal with stress. LIFO® also runs courses on LIFO® and parenting. Just contact us for details.

  5. I still have a lot of questions about LIFO®. How can I find out more?

    Please look through this website for more in-depth information about LIFO® and how it can help you and your organisation. If you still need answers, do please contact us.

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