How LIFO® Works - Individually

LIFO® effectiveness is due to a number of unique factors:

LIFO® Training helps you deal more effectively with people and problems in any of the three basic human situations

Personal Productivity

  • Identify your personal values, goals, strengths and excesses
  • Capitalise on your strengths to be more productive.
  • Increase your behavioural versatility so you can be more effective in a wider range of situations.

You with Another Key Person – Interpersonal Communication

  • Learn new relationship strategies that will help you communicate more effectively with key people in your life.
  • Improve communication even when the other person is not interested in working on the relationship.

You and Others in Groups – Team Building

  • Identify and capitalise on the unique mix of strengths in a group.
  • Find out your own unique contributions in a group.
  • Learn to work more effectively with other group members whose approaches are different from yours.
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